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KeywordsBedrock Geology, Lithology, Structural Domains, Structural Features, Crustal Structure, Plate Tectonics, Tectonic Elements, Tectonic Stages, Tectonic History, Tectonic Setting, Tectonic Interpretations, Melange, Igneous Rocks, Volcanic Rocks, Intrusive Rocks, Ophiolites, Shear Zones, Faults, Batholiths, Sedimentary Basins, Orthogneisses, Metamorphic Rocks, Anorthosites, Mangerites, Charnockites, Granites, Gabbros, Paragneisses, Metavolcanic Rocks, Plutons, Structural Basins, Rifts, Magmatism, Alluvial Deposits, Lacustrine Deposits, Clastics, Sedimentary Rocks, Basalts, Syenites, Felsic Rocks, Mafic Rocks, Ultramafic Rocks, Sedimentary Wedges, Facies, Limestones, Evaporites, Volcanism, Carbonate Rocks, Magmatic Rocks, Magmatic Arcs, Faunas, Foredeeps, Siltstones, Slates, Schists, Quartzites, Conglomerates, Intrusions, Gneisses, Diamictites, Unconformities, Depositional Environment, Cherts, Abyssal Plains, Fans, Sandstones, Continental Shelf, Argillites, Plate Margins, Dykes, Migmatites, Pelites, Marbles, Olistostromes, Amphibolites, Subduction Zones, Zircon, Metasedimentary Rocks, Migmatization, Accretion, Eclogites, Monazite, Orogenic Regions, Orogenies, Transgressions, Faults, Thrust, Faults, Extension, Faults, Normal, Tectonics, Structural Geology, Appalachian Orogen, Appalachian Province, Quebec Embayment, St. Lawrence Promontory, Newfoundland Embayment, Anticosti Foreland Basin, Maritimes Basin, Appalachian Structural Front, South Mountain Batholith, Central Maine Trough, Aroostook Matapédia Arch, Humber Arm Allochthon, Cabot Fault, Nauset Fault, Fundy Fault, Logan's Line, New York Promontory, Adirondack Massif, Catskill Clastic Wedge, Connecticut Valley-Gaspé Trough, Hollins Line-Pleasant Valley Fault System, Central Piedmont Shear Zone, Baie Verte-Brompton Line, Chedabucto Fault, Dover-Hermitage Bay Fault, Caledonia Fault, Red Indian Line, Bloody Bluff Fault, Alabama Promontory, Tennessee Embayment, Virginia Promontory, Pennsylvania Embayment, Atlantic Coastal Plain, Brevard Zone, Eastern Blue Ridge, Fall Line, Cumberland Plateau, Newark Basin, Atlantic Basin, New England-Quebec Igneous Suite, Alleghanian Orogeny, Mauch Chunk-Pottsville Clastic Wedge, Pennington-Lee Clastic Wedge, Ouachita Clastic Wedge, Narragansett Basin, Acadian Orogeny, Peri-Gondwanan Realm, Meguma, Neoproterozoic, Avalonia, Ganderia, Carolina, Axial Realm, Peri-Gondwanan Arc System, Iapetus, Peri-Laurentian Arc System, Laurentian Margin, Goochland Domain, Piedmont Domain, Brindle Creek Fault, Six Mile Nappe, Chopawamsic Volcanic Arc, Smith River Allochthon, Laurentian Realm, Taconic Orogeny, Sevier Clastic Wedge, Tourelle-Humber Wedge, Grenville
SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, "A" Series Map 2,305
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Geographic Location

-88, 32, -52.5, 52.333

Geographic bounding box extent: detailed latitude and longitude coordinates follow.

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Government of Canada; Natural Resources Canada; Earth Sciences Sector; Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation

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2144, King Street West, Suite 010
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Telephone: 1 (819) 564-4857
Telephone: 1 (800) 661-2638 (Toll Free in Canada and USA.)



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Data and Resources

The following files are available for download.

Lithotectonic map of the Appalachian Orogen, Canada-United States of America
Lithotectonic map of the Appalachian Orogen, Canada-United States of America
Lithotectonic map of the Appalachian Orogen, Canada-United States of America
Lithotectonic map of the Appalachian Orogen, Canada-United States of America
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