Term SEAU-Undersea Feature
Definition Part of the ocean floor or seabed that has measurable relief or is delimited by relief, and is submerged at low tide (abyssal plain, plaine, bank, banc, basin, bassin, canyon, continental margin, marge continentale, escarpment, talus, fan, cône, pingos, fracture zone, zone de fractures, gap, passage, guyot, knoll, dôme, marginal trough, cuvette marginale, median valley, vallée axiale, pass, seamount chain, chaîne de monts, seamounts, monts sous-marins, ridge, dorsale, rise, massif, saddle, col, shoal, haut-fond, sill, seuil, shelf, plate-forme continentale, slope, pente, spur, éperon, terrace, terrasse, trough, cuvette, valley, vallée)